About Us

Mullans Law Accountants Ltd have been in operation for over 40 years and are now a long established firm of Law Accountants currently based in Glasgow.

Over the years, we have established a reputation as one of the leading Law Accountancy firms in Scotland and have evolved in line with the ever changing aspects of the business.

We are committed to providing excellent service and support to our clients.

If you wish to consider utilising our services, we would welcome the opportunity of discussing any specific requirements your firm may have. The key elements of our service can be found within the services section. Arrangements can thereafter be made with you regarding turnaround of work within our Express, 14 day and Normal return services. We are members of both the DX and LP Exchanges in Glasgow but prefer to uplift files personally. We operate an internal Courier Service using our own couriers and vehicles. We could, if required, arrange uplift in your area.

Should you have any further queries regarding our services or fees, please to do not hesitate to contact us.


Mullans Law Accountants Ltd is run by two Directors who have been with the Company for over 35 years and are now a long established firm of Law Accountants, currently based in Glasgow. Full support to services is provided by our long established administrative support team. We have experience in all areas of accounting and offer the following services:

Judicial Accounting

Our judicial accounts team deal with all aspects of Judicial Accounting, including:

  • Sheriff Court Accounts
  • Court of Session Accounts
  • Arbitrations / Tribunals
  • English Agents' Accounts

Private Client Feeing

Our private client feeing department provides accurate and detailed accounting to reflect work undertaken between agent / client.

In light of the abolition of the Law Society Table of Fees for General Business it is recognised that solicitors require to issue terms of business to clients. To assist, Mullans have prepared a draft 'Schedule of Charging' document which can be made available to clients on request.

Executry & Trust Feeing

We are experienced in preparation of Trust and Executry Notes of Fee.

In-house Charging

We can provide an in-house feeing service whereby we attend the offices of clients to prepare accounts as requested.

Legal Aid

Our Legal Aid team provides a wide range of services dealing with all avenues of Legal Aid work. We can assist with adjustment of Accounts with the Scottish Legal Aid Board and, if necessary, taxation, advice and attendance. We are actively involved with the SLAB online project and are assisting in their pilot for third party access. We can arrange for accounts to be prepared directly online to SLAB, or in paper form if preferred. However, many of our clients have reported a much faster turnaround of Legal Aid accounts when prepared online, resulting in quicker processing of payments which, of course, assists with cashflow.


Over the last 40 years or so, Mullans have been involved in arranging and speaking at seminars on behalf of clients and the Association of Independent Law Accountants. Our law accountancy staff are experienced in speaking on all aspects of accounting at seminars organised on a large or small scale basis.

Our Staff

Gail Moore


Judicial - Private Accounting - Legal Aid

Gail has many years' experience in all aspects of law accountancy, having been originally based in our Glasgow office as as Accounts Assistant. Over the years, she has progressed through the ranks and now has a wealth of experience in all forms of law accountancy.

Email: gailmoore@mullans.org.uk

Janet Liu


Judicial - Private Accounting - Legal Aid - Executry

Janet also has many years’ experience, having originally been employed as an Accounts Assistant. Over the years, she has built up her knowledge of law accountancy and is now experienced in all areas of the profession.

Email: janetliu@mullans.org.uk

Debbie Carr


Legal Aid - Private Accounting

Debbie is a Scottish paralegal who has gained experience in various solicitors' practices throughout the central belt. She joined Mullans in 2016 and has developed a good knowledge of law accountancy over this period. Debbie has particular experience in the SLAB online system and currently prepares accounts for submission to SLAB online and also for paper submission. It is envisaged her training will gain her experience in all aspects of law accountancy and she is proving to be a real asset to the firm.

Email: debbiecarr@mullans.org.uk

Julie Horsburgh

Law Accountant

Legal Aid

Julie was a partner in a firm of Law Accountants and has over 30 years' experience in preparing Legal Aid accounts and in private client feeing. Julie is currently part of the Legal Aid team at Mullans and prepares accounts for submission online and in paper form.

Email: juliehorsburgh@mullans.org.uk

Dawn Kelly

Law Accountant

Legal Aid

Dawn has been with Mullans for a few years as an Accounts Assistant and is now moving on to train on legal aid work. Her current training involves the preparation of legal advice and assistance accounts for submission to SLAB online. Dawn is also responsible for the bookkeeping side of Mullans, dealing with all invoicing and cash work.

Email: dawnkelly@mullans.org.uk

Rhys Stewart

Law Accountant

Legal Aid

Rhys has been with the company for a number of years and started out as an Accounts Assistant. A valued member of the team, Rhys' current training involves the preparation of legal advice and assistance accounts for submission to SLAB online. Rhys is also undertaking training with an apprenticeship on all aspects of administration and SAGE systems, and assists in the invoicing and cash work at Mullans.

Email: rhysstewart@mullans.org.uk

Lorraine Roper

Office Administrator

Email: lorraineroper@mullans.org.uk

Dorothy Cruickshank

Typist / Admin

Email: dorothycruickshank@mullans.org.uk

Carol McLeod

Typist / Admin / Reception

Email: carolmcleod@mullans.org.uk

William Sutherland

Courier / Mail room

Email: williamsutherland@mullans.org.uk

Courier Service

Mullans are members of both the DX and LP Exchanges in Glasgow, but prefer to uplift and return files personally. We operate an internal courier service using our own vehicle and couriers free of charge. Please see below a breakdown of when we are in your area.


Glasgow City & West Coast of Scotland




Edinburgh City & East Coast of Scotland



(Alternate) Dumfries/Ayrshire


Central Belt

Should you wish an uplift of files on a day the courier is not in your area, please contact us and we shall accommodate your request if possible.

Contact Us

Should you require any information relative to our services, please revert via individual email addresses or using any of the contact details noted below: