Mullans Law Accountants ltd is run by two Directors who have been with the Company for over 30 years, one experienced Consultant and a dedicated team of experienced law accountants. Full support to services is provided by our long established administrative support team.

We have experience in all areas of Accounting and offer the following Services.

Judicial Accounting
Our Judicial Accounts Team deal with all aspects of Judicial Accounting including:

Account Preparation: Sheriff Court Accounts
  Court of Session Accounts
  House of Lords Bills of Costs
  English Agents accounts

Private Client Feeing
Our Private Client Feeing Department provides accurate and detailed accounting to reflect work undertaken between agent/client.

In light of the abolition of the Law Society Table of Fees for General Business it is recognised that solicitors require to issue terms of business to clients. To assist Mullans have prepared a draft “Schedule of Charging” document which can be made available to clients on request.

Executry and Trust Feeing
We are experienced in preparation of Trust and Executry Notes of Fee.

In House Charging

We can provide an In-house feeing service whereby we attend the offices of clients to prepare accounts as requested.

Legal Aid
Our Legal Aid team provides a wide range of services dealing with all avenues of Legal Aid work. We can assist in connection with adjustment of Accounts with the Scottish Legal Aid Board and if necessary taxation, advice and attendance. We are actively involved with the SLAB online project and are assisting in their pilot for third party access. Many of our clients have reported a much faster turnaround of Legal Aid accounts when prepared online resulting in quicker processing of payments which, of course, assists with cashflow.

Over the last 30 years or so Mullans have been involved in arranging and speaking at Seminars on behalf of clients and the Association of Independent Law Accountants. Our law accountancy staff are experienced in speaking on all aspects of accounting at seminars organised on a large or small scale basis.